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here kitty kitty

readwritepoem napowrimo day 18 meow. write a poem abt a cat big or small. i choose panther… ; photo: Black Panther (Leopard), gsb_viva, flickr

prowling roaring power
born untamed beauty

passive wild purring
pacing pure poetry

tree climbing traveler
meandering four wall stray

black unsocialable being
clear speak eyes

silent strange strength
solitary 4-legged mystery

footprint shadow stealth
disappearing dignity

and the other…..

huey newton bobby seale 1966
eldridge cleaver stokey carmichael too

and little bobby hutton
did declare a malcom x theory

gun toting something similar like
stand up fight to win equality for all

shall we sit and share
the countless way and thoughts

the honorable right corruptable wrong
donnybrook disturbance side by side

courageous inbetweeners
the blind enlightened struggle

freedom for all
demise and living too

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repairable repartee

read write poem: day 8 napowrimo, unusual love connections. think of your current love, your current obsession or the one who got away and come up with five or more unusual metaphors for the object of your affection/obsession. got plenty of those regardless, romance is timeless.
tommyg’s three word wednesday: deviate, identify, saturate
photo:  ianlk, flickr

separated by sincerity
we sit across an orgasmic ocean
lapping love licking 
our suspended wounds

found by lovesick fate
a decorated table elucidate
scrutinizing sky blue eyes
melt away marvelous madness

your hands speak effortlessly
expecting a candid reply
deceptive dessert denies
a sweetened silver spoon

rescued revelation responds
a quick intoxicating kiss commute
the familiar fragrance
saturate our isolated eligibility

i once curled around
purring velvet trust
no longer hissing
silent salutation

don’t deviate
or try to explain
i stumble and stutter
freeze and fumble

persuasive perception
identify and confess
again your hands open
quick slow drowning splash



tiny little squeaks
playful purring sick kitty
her name is dinah

black with snow white spots
long haired gray tiger tail
rambunctious terror

snow white stormy night
small sounds of terror
another new pet

climb up the curtains
tear apart precious plants
hide in the window

her name is willam
wallace delilah dinah
she is so precious

one single impression no 15: pets
photo: secrets, mc_lemore, flickr