Haiku, OneSingleImpression, Poetry

off course

one single impression: reign
photo: queen of hearts

there’s something wicked
that drives a queen crazy
two hands firmly fixed

behind the wheel whacky
powerful potent pill
eyes glazed and gleeful

staring straight ahead
she surrenders to no one
raving radical autocrat

bumper banging brawl
horn honking hysteria
fists raising terror

queen of hearts
wonderland lost
she searches sovereignty


Poem Starting with a Line from Norman Dubie

read write poem: napowrimo day 13 smoke a dubie. for this prompt, take a dubie line to jumpstart a poem of your own. i picked homage to philip k. dick

In the trunk of his pink Studebaker
behind the spare whitewall wheel
there lies a breath expired scrawl
ordained his dotted i’s
he wrote when he was young

he wrote with weight a no 2 lead
rehearsing life’s impetuous imaginings
lubricated nibbles composure cast
clear pencil packets of five
he bought when he was young

he wrote the words of arrogance
packed with character and raw ramblings
unsheathed to him in grampa’s voice
whiskey swillin croaking cricket obscurity
he bought when he was young

he wrote the mad and simple
easy quick and staggering
a twilight later wandering
he baits his emotional memory
he bought when he was young




preparing spagetti
afternoon adventure
intoxicating tomatoes
soothes the savoring
favors of the sauce

red wooden stool
awaits to attend
sitting i stir
cooking quiet
sipping surreal
cabernet savignon

mervin the mechanic calls
your car’s ready
the sound of his voice
purring placid
marvels the meadows
of my red sauce simmering

tracing with chalk
the blackboard of time
writes the hours
whittled away
while waiting

ideal hour to aspire
bubbles bubbling
in a beautiful bathtub
wonders of a luminous life
it’s just about dusk

sniffing the scent
of basil and oregano
the aroma hints of
dinner delight

Poefusion Friday Five: mechanic, spagetti, bathtub, stool, chalk
photo: alisa633, photobucket

Napowrimo, Poetry


another fibinacci day dawns in the month of April 30 day poems… winding down to a few more days… it has been delightful… wanted to thank michelle at poefusion for providing excellent material prompts to tantelize our writers pen….

grasswetindew, nguyen, flickr
brings wet dew
clear fertility
green growing tender young shoots open
soon a symphony blooming flowers singing

* * * * *

lonely pier at night, SCrume, flickr
me here
beneath stars
observing above
alone in the cool misty night
standing on the quiet pier soothing wave sounds

* * * * *

LA Freeways, ileanaa, flickr
surrounding daylight
fast moving metal chasing dreams
automobiles gasoline beautiful beasts
rubber rinsing sounds delight the dry highway

* * * * *

weatheringthedecades, impastorrick, flickr
told beyond
hushed fading red barns
between the spaced timbers waiting
otiose resting fields transient seasons

day 25-28 NaPoWriMo

… yeah, caught up…