once more

 three word wednesday  january 14, 2009: entwine, forfeit, tryst
photo: Ian Livesey, flickr

this morning i noticed the calendar
hanging on the wall
January 2009
it’s almost been a year

inanimate timeline
just out of reach
i cannot accept just yet

we talk almost every day
over lonely morning coffee

entwined we are
flesh and spirit

each night just before
i close my eyes
i turn reaching across
to your empty side
and kiss you goodnight
sweet dreams

i would forfeit
everything here
to be with you there

as always you smile
lean over, and
kiss me back

i cannot help
but long for you

i gently plead
when no one sees
a tryst of time
again, with you
a small forever

for a dear friend counting days without him. russ and linda a life interruped. linda, i love you dearly…. previous posts are here