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eyes closed
bright blue sky
drifting white feather
anchorless weight mainstay flight
butterfly wings, there’s only seven days of living

napowrimo 2021 day 14. Over at 2021 April PAD Challenge write a poem inspired only by stimulus from where you’re sitting (or standing, if you write will standing). today i was able to sit in the sun and relax. my face is now on fire from the wind and sun. it was a beautiful busy day.

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recuerda mi corazon. suggestion sauce

rebecca’s friday recuerda mi corazon [haiku my heart]
photo: LIP_Photography (Karen Ackles), flickr

The Wright Brother's Muse

blazing behavior
sweeping strong wings crowded with wind
pierce the parapet
bells and whistles blowing by
intangible tracing touch

…there is a butterfly who often visits my flower garden… i pray the cats don’t get…. one at a time, never two, i wonder is it the same one as yesterday or from an earlier visit…. even though there is a distance it is as if we’ve met and met often…

3WW, Poetry

psychic practice

three word wednesday: fear, ignore, weightless
photo: Sakura curtainbananagranola (busy).

mortal morning muse protest
rousing weightless day proclaim
comfy curious cure reveal

outside morning bird call cry
backyard butterfly beauties
suddenly spy
ephemeris fearless fixation
souls release transitory passage

floating falling
cherry blossom curtain
shifting somebodies stirring air
sanguine spirits merrily alight
rambling flourishing fanfare
momentary bloom high in a tree

entertaining eclipse enters
suspend the somnambulist secrets
ignore the snail trail tracks
jostling journey quickens
rider of the river raft rendezvous

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read write poem: napowrimo day 23 unlikely couples. write a poem in which you combine a speaker and an event that normally don’t go together; photo: fantasia hippo

bertha the hippo and kiki the butterfly. friends forever in an open hot dry savanna. the observer whispers.

are you watching
come close closer

k almost done
hold still
please don’t fidget

bertha hardly able
to contain herself
she kicks at the air

kiki floats above

again she starts
stitching pretty
pink on bertha

stingy petite stitches
between flappy flesh
and the hardest of bone

so sorry bertha
these might be
tight so they
won’t come

ok done
now turn around

you are beautiful