his girth
orchestrated in
metaphysical motion
drifting from his side
to my side
manifesting magic
in a continuous conversation
always near
rarely far
a most wonderful life
snoozin’ we sit
discussing docile dogmas
nothin’ but neutrality
placed in perfect order
rubbin’ shoulders
occassionally we overlap
** ** ** ** **
weekend wordsmith: chimera
Miss Chicken, flickr
for those who are interested, the real story … The Walrus and the Carpenter, Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll

totally optional prompts

shifting seasons

barefoot butterfly blues
simmering sunshine
approaching autumn witness

enchanted enticing
drawn to the day
rest in a womb of stillness
under the old oak tree
finding lost

raging yellow, burnt orange
bright red, barely green
cascading leaves
tiny trailing traces
sleepy distracted tree
crunching carpet

open a book
turn a page
read a line
find a way
previously unknown

denying the dark
opening a locked door
slices of smoked cheese
and red merlot wine

sharing with no one in particular
surrounded by caring friends
the world turns slowly
between the hours of
dusk and dawn
* * * * * * * * * * *
Totally Optional Promps (TOPS) this week: discoveries
photo: The Road Less Travelled, justpedalhard, flickr



SundayScribbings No. 101 The Experiment
photo: flamingoes, khamburger, photobucket


exciting her usual
placid peaceful perseity
the distracted white rabbit
allowed her access
to what was
previously impassable

placading the placebo
fear faded and her
sense of wonder expanded

as she shifted closer
with breaknecking speed
suspicions slowly seeped
from underneath
the seams of normality

flying without wings
in a parade of colors
disappearing smiles
in puffs of fading lettered smoke
questioned her reasoning

hesitating little
she tasted the other
smaller than the larger
previously sampled

swimming for answers
the edge crawled closer
with teacups and 3 card riddles
red paintbrushes and mock turtle soup

with a taste and a yawn
in a fluttering wind
the trial ends
experiment over