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voodoo child

big tent poetry monday prompt this week offers a wordle of wonder
cafe writing – the bistro, do you believe in magic, option 2 poetry

hung around his neck¬† a tinkling sound of seashells and the roar of tsunami splashed wet at his feet. his cupped hands dripping with honey, the bees stayed too. come he motions, his words prancing in a chorus line of thundering hoofs, i’ll not wait forever. shoeless she wanders awake in a world of alice. his cheshire smile remains sincere while her thirst resurfaced in the ash pit of frozen fire longing for heat. who could tell the connection he held with gentleness as he roped her in.

listening to some great music, jimi hendrix always always brings it on….

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bad weather

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photo: Calm Horizon,  Heaven`s Gate (John), flickr

the drought appeared
landing in a helicopter
whirlwind circle

the day filled with a
bad happy birthday cake
candle circle sorrow

glacial berg ice cold
the drown of a distant sea
numb nervous hot desert sand

mad and hardly obsess-ive
the carbon of my being

*and the wonderful miss lena horne who recently past away here’s her 1943 rendition of stormy weather