Poetry, we write poems


i was told the sun was setting in the west…..

somewhere in the middle
between two signs
exists a moment
when my 1st breath was taken

i just signed away my privacy
to find who i am; afterwards,
she sez it will take up to 24 hours
to find the words to tell me who i really am

so now i guess and ponder
who it is i am. between a lion
and a lamb. leo and virgo.
fire and water. that sounds about right.

one way this way
yet another way that way
it’s hard to explain
in any sort of detail
that makes any sense


we write poems: No 196. what’s your sign?

Poetry, we write poems

surround submerge

thursday’s we write poems no 29: swimming
photo: eran hakim, flickr

The memory of the swim in amniotic fluid

been surrounded by water
since i can remember
the slosh and sway of warm liquid
turning and twisting
kicking and kayaking

floating in fetal formation
my heart beats to the
universal design of life
i hear her harmonic voice
composing the way

here i am a few
million breaths later
on my own unattached
surrounded by salt water

blue wave crashing fun
sun soaked nirvana
beneath the pull and push
of seven oceans
and worldly shores
i find my way


time’s up

read write poem no 71: it’s all about the first line
i used donald harbour‘s  i know that life has loved me line for a reference point in creating my poem. now that i have finished, i visited donald’s poem and amazed how they have a strange commonality. yes, no
photo: Meet “Pretty Boy”!!!, maureen_g, flickr

less than complete he walked away…

i know that life has loved me
beyond the moments of now
forever etched at the beginning
here breathing small breaths
i recall the entirety in
nano bursts blazing

born on a bed of blood and light
poured out water unable to return
my lungs began to assert

held in a soft blanket
clutched in warmth
there’s nothing else
to remember

here i lay
the cool dirt of earth
waiting juncture
her face i scrutinze
in disappearing ink