magpie tales, Poetry



i still have a dream
smokefree fire burning
belly deep desire

standing still the sky is calling
on a clear day forever blue
aviator adrift passing perfect clouds

remembering and forgetting
pasting and taping
curiosity cutting for a cure

light with love
wingspan surreal
catching the current

one size suitcase ready
small inconsequential items only
no heavy weight withdrawals

it’s easy now
i still have a dream
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
magpie tales: no 172, photo–Charleston Farmhouse Door

3WW, Poetry

bird on a wire

thomg’s three word wednesday: this week’s offer: abrupt, kernel, wield
photo: bird on a wire, miguel lasa,

a kernel kept quiet beneath his steel wing
the beating heart of a breathing man
let him be as a distant silver shining knight
wielding his weight upon his white steed
abrupt his flight steady his gait

and for those who would enjoy leonard cohen, bird on a wire 2009…