magpie tales, Poetry, sunday whirl, wordle


balloons 1

savor the softness of rain
one drop rooted to another
caressing the cares
beneath a dry blue sky eruption

black colored crows colloquy
loud laughter lounges
passersby peek out polite
backseat driver butterfly

baby girl exiguous
scarce the heat of another
delicate desire buried mist
last drop love parched lips

waiting wind wanders weightless
vegetation velocity
sticky stories planted firm
blame a bunch of balloons

footpath approaching
wide open wishes
backyard roaring thunder
a million drops wet explosion

his strength turns my square round
our dark cell dungeon delights
neutral shadows move along
eroded errors engine roar

starting brand new weather
clear calm coming home
shiny diamond ring religion
we still don’t know the way

* * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * *
sunday whirl: wordle number 119; magpie tales no 179

…when i saw this photo my immediate reaction was to smile… .i could not help but to remember a ride similar to this…


wherever u want

michelle’s poefusion friday five: breast, chronicles, facsimile, visual, squirrel
photo: Existential Anxietylightgazer, flickr

patiently turmoil hovers
disturbing disorder
deciding direction
agreeable facsimile
covert visual approach

sitting serenely
upon a stool
nudges the silly
squirrel subconscious
brushing the breast
bating banter

quietly chronicles
neptune neurosis
conversing counsel
darwin and jung delight

pull over and park
let’s talk no more
take me home
to harmonious happiness

Napowrimo, Poetry


another fibinacci day dawns in the month of April 30 day poems… winding down to a few more days… it has been delightful… wanted to thank michelle at poefusion for providing excellent material prompts to tantelize our writers pen….

grasswetindew, nguyen, flickr
brings wet dew
clear fertility
green growing tender young shoots open
soon a symphony blooming flowers singing

* * * * *

lonely pier at night, SCrume, flickr
me here
beneath stars
observing above
alone in the cool misty night
standing on the quiet pier soothing wave sounds

* * * * *

LA Freeways, ileanaa, flickr
surrounding daylight
fast moving metal chasing dreams
automobiles gasoline beautiful beasts
rubber rinsing sounds delight the dry highway

* * * * *

weatheringthedecades, impastorrick, flickr
told beyond
hushed fading red barns
between the spaced timbers waiting
otiose resting fields transient seasons

day 25-28 NaPoWriMo

… yeah, caught up…