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hitch hiking

writer’s island saturday prompt no 6 beguile
photo: ADoseofShipBoy’s, flickr


coming up for air
gulp the coolness
thin and light

clears the cobwebs
covering the corners
diluted and dusty

far from here there
is a highway stretching
out clawing its way

needing a ride one
hitches along with
another who goes

finding feet resting
quiet abstraction blooms
and breathes

mobile marvelous mutuality
we ponder peacefully
the weather of where we are

he points at the sky he points
at him and smiles innocently
at the brightness of the blue

solidarity symbiosis we are
with little notice he disengages
in an enlightened ebbing wind

that untangles a waterfall
of colorful confetti
falling fantastically

translucence awakening
deep the soundless sleep
never wakes so swiftly

feet fired up
the highway opens
gulping gurgles

OneSingleImpression, Poetry, we write poems

awake asleep

one single impression: ochre ; we write poems: 6-8-6 haiku
photo:  pictureapromise, flickr

i never saw anything…. traveling towards somewhere on a freeway in a mindless fog turned my head and saw something so unexpectedly beautiful out in the middle of nowhere the beautiful rich red soil of oklahoma…further on missed the turnoff, got lost, circled a few times finally found my way and headed back in the right direction home … a jumble of word worlds

whimsical wilderness
motorcars mutter fuming schemes
wheelin’ words turnin’ round

concrete lanes two way streets
never mind the one way traffic
puzzling turnabouts

barefoot hi-ho journey
taking tiny unplanned paths
glimpse the ochre soil

oklahoma open
secrets flung arrayed in rainbows
poetic plumes release

invisible wind paint
absorb gritty dirt taste
millions maybe one or two

just passed by an open range
fixed on a flying forgotten
subtle sound fleeing grains

weightless i’ll take some home
closet filled with other world sands
piles and piles stacked

Haiku, OneSingleImpression, Poetry

off course

one single impression: reign
photo: queen of hearts

there’s something wicked
that drives a queen crazy
two hands firmly fixed

behind the wheel whacky
powerful potent pill
eyes glazed and gleeful

staring straight ahead
she surrenders to no one
raving radical autocrat

bumper banging brawl
horn honking hysteria
fists raising terror

queen of hearts
wonderland lost
she searches sovereignty