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Immature Common Yellowthroat Warbler (Geothlypis trichas)-8.jpg

observation flame
locked in light along a line
dark distant parade
quiet crackling chorus
firebreak fragments falling
one single impression: elemental
photo: immature common yellowthroat, meeyauw, flickr
thank you andree for the use of your beautiful bird photos!!

adrift in another life living in the southwest of australia.. the shadows of burning falling scent draws me out into night… conscious curiosity found myself watching the firebreaks burning fierce at night in the distance paddocks from one end of the horizon to the other seemingly creeping closer and closer.

Poetry, POW


rallentanda, POW prompt 4: write a poem in response to David Blackwells feet beneath the table, 1956

receiving not the
fickle post, the
wayward invitation
never intending to arrive

undecidedly decided
the unexpected guest
casually appeared

forgetting her feet
the white shoes visibility
incited a scene

interrupting their cozy
amused her, theirs faces
a deadpan delight
and serving cold tea
made strange
a simple intrusion

mumbling close
they pretended her gone
sitting sorta on the outside
she downright decided
she’d wait awhile
for a good cup of tea

Haiku, OneSingleImpression


one single impression no 10: desert/deserted…
photo: outback, pebblesrubke, photobucket

in days gone by i traveled to oz and lived in western australia, traveled up and down the west coast… in the northwest travelin by car every so often we’d pass a bridge and there would be a river waiting silent… we would rest awhile, take a cool dip and move on…


hot dry breezes blow
cooling river sings out loud
meditative day

hushed river flowing
arid air sitting so still
red sand reflects heat

vacant blowing wind
remote invisible roads
shifting sands utter

serenely barren
roaring river races by
boulders subtle shade

* * * * *
and, just because…. deserted

abandoned alone
quiet stirs the grieving heart
memories awash