haiku my heart, Poetry

the new of old

rebecca’s friday prompt recuerda mi corazon [haiku my heart]
photo: comet in the dark sky, lou 69, flickr

touched by a tender tendril of toughness
you rub the raw from my heart
we gather old cobwebs and
make silk socks of togetherness

sometimes in the uncertain
you bring me back
where no one likes to step
you hook your arm around
my waist, and with
steady heart you sooth and rock
you provoke me landward

3WW, short story

real estate

it is good to be back at thom’s three word wednesday. this week’s offer of three are: effect, immense, shimmer

when all are sleeping and the hazy moon yawns, the effect of time empties into a dead end street of suggestion and sobbing. feeling a rather peculiar feeling, you soon set your eyes upon a happy looking home that secretly yearns for people to populate and bring a light of the living.

there to the left and down the hall is a quiet room that never leaves nor honors the presence of accumulation. a beautiful wooden door, set with an old ornate antique brass knob, guards the order with fierce devotion, letting nothing pass.

forgetting fear, the curious realtor enters the beautiful house sitting quietly among the old immense oaks towering the property. bewitched by beauty, she now lives quietly in the shimmer of a hazy moonlight when all is asleep. behind a wooden door in a remote room guarded so fiercely by a hidden smothered sound.

Big Tent Poetry, Poetry

day 1. free fall

big tent poetry no 1 poetry gong event new to you. 7 days of writing and posting a new poem. [be sure to visit and check out the latest challenge in detail, you will be glad you did]

new to you day 1. searching the web for a new poet, i was over at poets.org cruising the alleys of authors and this popped up twice. caught my eye the first time but didn’t click the mouse, 2nd time, chose not to temp the stars and clicked… soooo glad i did… awesome poet, naomi shihab nye, title is san antonio. the first line below in italics is what i chose from her poem. i wanted to create a world that is exactly the opposite of what naomi portrayed in her poem.

It was then I felt
the highways slide out of my hands.

backtracking the footprints
unbound emancipation
the spin of wheels turning

slamming the door
the cool wind pressed hard
against my just exposed heart

turning away i
walked into the small store
and waited ten minutes

and the world began anew
patiently waiting for
me to breathe

Big Tent Poetry, Poetry

sound sleep

Big Tent Poetry monday prompt: select an artist, one poem, one line and go… i’ve selected charles bukowski, bluebird, and the line i don’t weep, do you? the first time i heard this i was hooked.  for your utube visual pleasure below is his bluebird…

* * * * * * *     * * * * * * * *     * * * * * * * *     * * * * * * * * *     * * ** * * * *

i don’t weep, do you?*

there’s never a thought
that descends so low nor
lingers long after his cheek is dry

there’s never a story
that lasts too long
he sleeps so soundly
snoring slightly

there’s never a man
who willingly slips and
finds his way back
wily whiskey extortion

there’s never a sign
of that certainty
that smile that charms
that snarl that erases

only now
toward evening late
does he speak sincerely
in and along the shadows
who murmur not
telling the moon his story