pasted to a waiting wall
the transitory day
unveils a black and
white portrait life

spoken in conversable lines
spectators behold
the one-act play
staged in passing promenade
cushioned concrete steps

another day transpires
rushing clouds commence
a drizzling rain pours
erasing thoughtful clarity

Michelle’s Monday Mural prompt
photo: swoon in the wild, swoon, flickr

really enjoyed this artist, michelle, found some info on the web…
Swoon’s interactive art and another site swoon2

Poetry, ReadWritePoem

brush strokes

paint and brush

careless colors
of her subconscious
spilled over onto
the white canvas
yet touched by
her brush

each thought
propelled by motion
created an opposed line
of form unrelated to
the pressure of her
own brush

trespassing strokes
appearing in odd angles
displayed a tongue of
unknown origin

her body lacked knowledge
of the unknown presence
stealing her soul

ReadWritePoem #28: Write a poem about something that doesn’t exist.
photo: cillialou1124, photobucket


Napowrimo, PoefusionMondayMural


Meme from PoefusionMondayMural; photo: jdgumby, photobucket
day 2 of ReadWritePoem–napowrimo.. today’s flavor 3 haiku… April 30 days 30 poems prompt.. be sure to stop by napowrimo for others who are participating as well


untouchable she
sang a beautiful refrain
octava bassa

bunched in a pile
how dear she appears to him
cascading water

random thoughts arrayed
butterfly fluttering heart
haggling details

last night reading a magazine, saw this painting by Joan Miro… so reminded me of MondayMural…