3WW, short story

disconnected tangle

three word wednesday: abuse, cramp, hatred …not wanting to bite the bad i took a rabbit hole journey…. photo: JamieMcC. flickr

we wander awhile not in conversation
the cramp of consciousness clouds our cover

when where who would come whistling abuse
the single sound shaping imperceptible tracks

doubled over with a cramp he starts shaking his legs
opportunity stumbling she hopped in a hatred hating hurry

determined he caught her free fleeing shadow first
tying her wind to an antsy anchor waiting to be found

cramp forgotten wipes his heroic hands
he smiled at her dubious dharma delinquent

we wishfully went to wander yoked and harnessed
singing single hits from the late 50’s



three word wednesday: jolt, ribbon zeal
photo: Pink mirrorphr4nq, flickr

beautiful pink ribbon
fluttering free finds retreat
in the wind of a moored mirror
noticed now neglected
gathering interest

roving wondering eyes
forage forgotten faces
countless curled photos
meaningful worth unchanged

their smiling zeal
declares gazing mute
simple surrounded silence

basking in reflection
a sudden jolt brings back
the beginning journey
restless beating heart
packs another box

placing life’s pages
careful not to tear
bind too tight the string

wrinkled waters splashing
kindles one life resting
another disturbing the drift

3WW, Napowrimo


Bones weekly three word wednesday
3WW No 83 prompt: picture, reflected, stop
photo: chained life, happy_hardcore_4, photobucket


the long ago story
a frameless picture
in her recessed reasoning

attentive of the past
reflected deep
in the belly of her being
loitering for points

always hoping
the exposed forgotten memory
would turn back

day 22 NaPoWriMo

3WW, WritersIsland

no 2

Writers Island prompt: time traveler; and
3WW prompt: punch, t-shirt, unravel
photo: cleeart, photobucket


hurriedly packing the pink suitcase
the wanderer began to inwardly grieve
looking upward she noticed the
shifting sequences lighting the night sky

fluctuation of solar and sidereal times
began to unravel, and small pieces
of earth began falling barely noticeable

contained for now, the punch of implosion
would force the disruption
of immoveable constellations
eventually saving the elements
would become unmanageable

unable to toss the old baggy t-shirt
she captured the memory
closed the suitcase and departed