Poetry, we write poems


childhood hopping
from sister to sister
kissing one and then another

leisurely i linger
a little longer to one
tho not so much with another

we wrap around
our secret world
embryonic flowers form
and float away

parading childhood hesitation
a blink of borrowed words
a hiss with spit, a claw’s scratch

i rush to one
i run from one

the turtle crawls
the rabbit runs
the earth rearranges

written wrinkle speak
in between the folds that
form my face so long ago
stirring stories of sprouting sincerity


we write poems: no 206 which childhood… i read the prompt and thought really??? well, yeah i can write about that… and now im not so sure… it’s funny what your mind thinks and what your heart knows… just one less step than 6 one further one closer….

Poetry, we write poems, wordle



in the color of red rust
a tranquil desert stirs
subdued sands take a breath

windswept written wander
fecund secrets code entwined
belongings from the branded soul
a thousand grains the blue delta of paradise

landlocked pavilion filled with fortune
a shiver of blood and bone beneath
the laird of flesh observes no one in the afterlife

espry the night coolness run
the crystallized gift of innocence
susurrate low in the shifting valleys
driftwood life stays the coyote confines

remote cerulean canopy of stars
tear down interior fences
open aperture drinks with unquenchable thirst

counting rooms in the nautilus depth
the sound of the sea roars
plumes of petition incarnate
stilled needs flaming disturbance
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
we write poems: wordle no 7. the places i go with the wwp wordless… love it…!!!

Poetry, we write poems

the mystery of a gun.wrp

the characterization of possession
brings boxes of materials
hidden in one’s soul out into the perceivable
till the bang of bringing it home
creates an aperture

Sifting through one another
The empty spaces settle and open wide
Enabling one to peer inside
And observe all there is to us

lifting layers paradise emerges
and the distance becomes ubiquitous
giving more room to the happy sounds
of love and take harmonizing

and then there’s you
where what you thought isn’t there
triggering a low spark of reflection
and firing a loud sound of a sparrow’s sorrow

coming back you find the
gold and silver threads of
lost and found entwined
unaware of your intrusion
making happiness float once again

soon the heart of passing stumbles
and when all is expressed
and silence turns over
one can peek through and satisfy
a questionable answer to our existence as one

over at we write poems prompt no 200 entices the writer with the mystery of brothers and sisters … entitled prompt “The Mystery of a Gun” …. having four sisters and a brother I tried not to jump too quickly into the waters of yes and no….

Poetry, we write poems


i was told the sun was setting in the west…..

somewhere in the middle
between two signs
exists a moment
when my 1st breath was taken

i just signed away my privacy
to find who i am; afterwards,
she sez it will take up to 24 hours
to find the words to tell me who i really am

so now i guess and ponder
who it is i am. between a lion
and a lamb. leo and virgo.
fire and water. that sounds about right.

one way this way
yet another way that way
it’s hard to explain
in any sort of detail
that makes any sense


we write poems: No 196. what’s your sign?

haibun, Haiku, Poetry, we write poems


soft still freedom sounds
babbling baby bears fruit
blazing barriers

dawn quietly breaks awakening exhaustion one realizes the reality of being alive. the bombs continue nonstop. our daily routine has changed to survival. lives once held so carelessly have now changed to blood bones and please breathe. praying to our god for safety. leaving home we search for lost freedom to return. a candle burns bringing light and warmth to the darkest dark where there is no path.

we write poems: haibun; one single impression: underground