3WW, magpie tales, Poetry, short story

disturbing deuce

thomg’s three word wednesday this week’s offer: gesture, immediate, treasure
photo: willow’s magpie tales no 40


turning back around he wanted some gesture
something immediate that would cause
a sting she would never forget

opening a valve his heart exploded
smudging her soft hard trembling lips
abruptly destroying their last link

he watched in sorrow satisfaction
as her face unexpectedly unraveled
regret glistening, water dripping

her body falling carelessly
he now had a treasure he could keep

3WW, short story

real estate

it is good to be back at thom’s three word wednesday. this week’s offer of three are: effect, immense, shimmer

when all are sleeping and the hazy moon yawns, the effect of time empties into a dead end street of suggestion and sobbing. feeling a rather peculiar feeling, you soon set your eyes upon a happy looking home that secretly yearns for people to populate and bring a light of the living.

there to the left and down the hall is a quiet room that never leaves nor honors the presence of accumulation. a beautiful wooden door, set with an old ornate antique brass knob, guards the order with fierce devotion, letting nothing pass.

forgetting fear, the curious realtor enters the beautiful house sitting quietly among the old immense oaks towering the property. bewitched by beauty, she now lives quietly in the shimmer of a hazy moonlight when all is asleep. behind a wooden door in a remote room guarded so fiercely by a hidden smothered sound.

monday poetry train, short story


it is an exciting day for monday poetry train revisited it is the 100 edition. congrats to gautami tripathy at firmly rooted ; photo: Cuba Gallery: Black and White / farm / vintage / texture, flickr

leaving a little note tucked in the sleeve of a forgotten memorable book she hugged the house and walked away.  it was after all more than enough. there were no more than a few hours left after an aeon in stasis.  searching the blue sky her eyes took in every detail acutely aware each footstep brought the disappearance closer. touching everything her fingers soon grew numb.

3WW, short story

disconnected tangle

three word wednesday: abuse, cramp, hatred …not wanting to bite the bad i took a rabbit hole journey…. photo: JamieMcC. flickr

we wander awhile not in conversation
the cramp of consciousness clouds our cover

when where who would come whistling abuse
the single sound shaping imperceptible tracks

doubled over with a cramp he starts shaking his legs
opportunity stumbling she hopped in a hatred hating hurry

determined he caught her free fleeing shadow first
tying her wind to an antsy anchor waiting to be found

cramp forgotten wipes his heroic hands
he smiled at her dubious dharma delinquent

we wishfully went to wander yoked and harnessed
singing single hits from the late 50’s

3WW, short story

white seal

thommyg’s three word wednesday: gentle, praise, vulgar

rolling with the strong current he relaxed the gentle pull of fear caught in the small center of his stomach. knowing the sea he chanted a song to the sea spirit full of praise for the highs and lows of the tide which fed the village. gazing upon the prize he secured his catch and swam upwards. no longer filled with weariness the end of the day brought him upward to the surface air he was born to breathe. though they thought his appearance especially vulgar his swaying song caught them all in a net of tranquility. given a drink that ceases all thirst and fish that never spoils the village lived peacefully in the place where dawn begins.