3WW, Poetry, poets united.verse first


dancing during intermission
drenched in the open seas
sunny stars burning bright
the ground slips away

swimming sensation of swaying
rhythmic tides excursion
playful harmony adrift

never-ending waves metamorphosis
revising the buried beast within
why would one aspire to reach shore

mermaid moments take flight
finding a future of freedom
the slurp of sea water signifies separation

poets united – midweek motif: success
three word Wednesday: aspire, beast, slurp

Poetry, poets united.verse first


poets united first verse. walk in gratitude

blind eyes walk about
stuffed with whitewashed wisdom

gesturing mirrors reflect the noise
the sight of pale mornings echo

footless journey a bed-worn bubble
cool sheets stay the want for warmth

standing in a seated room
a crowd of black crows enlightened

a table set for everyone
water spot invite

one way musical chairs
shifting lights release.

he torn at the turkey once he knew the greasy clear contact touched his hungry fingers.

it’s hard to say sometimes where the words come from. strong images and wordy words tap at the soft breeze floating downward from above. and only the trees can see.

Haiku, Poetry, poets united.verse first


wet rainy drizzle
cascading drops of moisture
soft showers roar

soulful simmering
splashes soon snarl and sing
snapping biting cold

warm fire subdue
quiet dawn shimmering shake
wet window shield sway

sun burst comes shining
breaking though storm eased streaked skies
quick quiet gone gray

poets united.verse first: the ordinary the everyday ordinary….rain it comes and goes…looked out my window this morning. here it is falling every so light…I stop and count my blessings cannot help but to consider the philippines…praying for mercy and calm in the midst of so much loss… happy to have found poets united, it’s been a long while…