dVerse, Poetry, quadrille


open wound specter
waiting for life’s return
taking a tour to tomorrow

a seasonal whim
when the sun returns
wrapped in secrets

creating a calm
that wound it’s way
around a cloud

kept behind a hill
until a rainy day
when the rainbow arrives

dVerse Quadrille Monday What’s in a word, wound

dVerse, MLMM, Poetry, quadrille


one particular day it happened
listening to that song
over and over again
I want to make it with you
an eight track cassette playing repeatedly
by sunset I was done
so bothered i was
i started imagining myself
chucking it out the window

napowrimo day 19. it’s flying by
MMLM Music Challenge No 180..i want to make it with you
d Verse Quadrille No 180…bother

poets note: this particular day was a memory pulled right outta my head hat after reading about that particular song by bread. a long day and a long drive heading north in the oz desert.



almost there
i can rest for a bit
so shocking
lost all feeling
except the grief

know not where it was
the grief place
no map with directions
how to get there
or the way out

here is a new place
except the grief

poet’s notes: it’s april write a poem everyday…. forgot all about it… but i have been writing… im joining writers digest 2021 April PAD starting day 6 great topic today For this Two-for-Tuesday prompt: Write a change poem and/or…Write a don’t change poem. i thought my day 6 poem fit perfectly

dVerse, Poetry, quadrille


dVerse Poets – How does your garden grow quadrille
photo: my cell phone, a small garden on a sunny day

soaring psyched perch
the sun drifts across the sky

singing softly tumultuous tunes
sipping hot coffee

wordless wanderings
surrounded by glory

the quiet touch of a new day
relentless and fierce

plant speak garden
chatty travelers

colorful and bright
they’ll only stay a season