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less than

committed to recovery she suddenly stopped shifting, sanctioning the silence to occupy all there was. pushing the quiet up hill, little effort was required on her part. more so her eyes took in the totality of trust and the weight floated as if the waters held the whole.

opening the red polka dot umbrella brought relief from the hot sun mercilessly shining through the open window. sidetracked by the heat she could focus, the stillness inside, as a soft vibrating purr waiting for recognition, for a touch, a caress.

he was talking again simply noted by the movement of his hands. observing  his hands became greater than his words beckoning for understanding, falling flat on the floor full of emptiness unattached to meaning, unsubstantiated topics floating lightly on top of fluent waters.

never wanting to be noticed, it was his little pinkie on his left hand. slightly bent an expression with wings wanting to fly. brilliant blue topaz catching a glint of sunlight, surrounded by a gold band. was he aware of the connection to the blue topaz, how the shine would bring all the dreams home to those who held inherent harmony.

immutable his voice caught on a breeze from an opened door. contracting as an accordian playing with romantic relish in a dance of playful passion.  musical notes soon filled the room with gaiety and laughter. eyes waxed with wanting it appeared progression was unstoppable and the whole would soon move on to a distinct farther. reality released and paused, a strange hush of comprehension spread like softened butter.

datelessly changed by survival he came to the end, the confines of boundaries tied to his heel. the small quick applause he graciously acknowledged and with little hesitation he left the podium.
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weekend wordsmith: faded; michelle’s poefusion, tuesday title: five-pronged eyes
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transparent obscurity

i never told a soul
the story unrevealed
hidden in the fields of wind
uncomplicated whispers echo

turning upward
i stared deep into
the unending blue
chanting ancient sounds
disappearing into nowhere
captured harmony held

and when there comes
the soft seeing eyes
i still say nothing outloud
* * * * * * *
michelle’s poefusion tuesday titleblinking with fist
photo: Kill Spotted Horse (Assinaboines) – 1898kresge86, flickr

pink saturday, PoefusionTuesdayTitles

pink prismatic

wearing pink lipstick
entitles femininity to smile
with 5 inch heels

the fragrance of quiet seduction
follows effortlessly as we travel
about the glamorous galaxy

confidently carrying the latest
puissant clutch bag
our dreams cling
to our shapely hips
swaying in the cosmic currents

sunsets sprayed pink
with a blend of blue
kiss the temporal goodnight

until then
the pinkness of a
woman’s pleasure
rests until tomorrow’s dawn
* * * * * * * * *
Tuesday Title offers: LipStick God as a starting point to create a poem; and
Pink Saturday, is a weekly prompt post something pink.
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PoefusionTuesdayTitles, Poetry

parentheses dance

creating a spell
for you

disengage your

traveling tools
stirring pot
big wooden spoon

hidden herbs
a steady mist

unable to

shifts of reason

never a
* * * * * * * * *
Poefusion Tuesday Title: Create a poem using a line inspired from one of E. E. Cummings poems the weak noise from her eyes easily files my impatience to an edge.
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