pink saturday, PoefusionMondayMural


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michelle’s poefusion monday mural
beverly’s pink saturday
photo: ainsleyanne, photobucket

observing the quarter moon rise against the luminous black night she cannot help but to open a window and breathe in the fleeting fragrance of rescued salvation.

soon to arrive, she arranged the screen in a specific light to optimize the essence of his perception.  a cover to clothe a place hidden from his everyday senses. aware of his quiet clean reserve a wish is freely painted on the canvas of his attention. something special separating now and then and discloses just a hint of what lies within. the absolute sanctum where one can find mystery and explore the timelessness of discovery. 

gifted by his presence, she recognizes a desire to rest in whispering silence. with prudent little movement she removes his cloak and draws him to follow. thanking the invisible one, she turns internal touching a lost treasure recently released she smiles in small serenity.

etched eternal on the slate of spirit, the delicate drift of candlelight suggests a subtle melodius movement caressing the intangible air of delight and dreams.

soft pink screen
sense solitude stirring
enchanting existence

engaging impressions
speaking sight sensation
confidential companion

yield tender tegument
defined infinity
one slice serving

OneSingleImpression, PoefusionMondayMural

wild rambling rose


quiet passes by
something small singing softly
wonder what woos

interested pause
recognition reckoning
reflective rattle

approachable arms
memory making rewind
sanctioned smiles

recall recognize
cheerful contentment comfort
animate alive

tall talking green grass
vacant windows vigilance
crumbling contemplate
** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
one single impression: welcoming; and michelle’s poefusion monday mural:abandoned, deviant art


Altered State

Surealist Self Image

high on the hill
telepathic timid tree
fingertips sprouting

living visible
upside down
branching out
room to run

different does
the day declare
magnified mumbo-jumbo
hungar to depart
this ancient ground

absent feet
gravity grounded
waiting wondering watchtower
percolating perch
remote roots
if only…
* * * * *
Michelle’s Monday Mural prompt
photo: surealist selfportrait, jypcee, photobucket

interesting prompt this week, michelle…. at first had no thoughts as to where to begin… and to find it is a self portrait all the more interesting…



pasted to a waiting wall
the transitory day
unveils a black and
white portrait life

spoken in conversable lines
spectators behold
the one-act play
staged in passing promenade
cushioned concrete steps

another day transpires
rushing clouds commence
a drizzling rain pours
erasing thoughtful clarity

Michelle’s Monday Mural prompt
photo: swoon in the wild, swoon, flickr

really enjoyed this artist, michelle, found some info on the web…
Swoon’s interactive art and another site swoon2