1 red balloon

poefusion, friday five: multiplication, necessity, exactitude, blister, quest
photo: carballoon1, Radbot., flickr

this place always reminds me of a blister…you know the bubble and then the hot liquid gushes over thinly veiling the inescapable sting…a billowing hillocky quest of unlimited proportions. a relentless, inevitable necessity peeling of one’s fleece softened by kindness or rough to the touch unable to spin…where is the flimsy line of exactitude that spells a greek formula few find necessary…the bypassed no fly zone of cerebral simpleheartedness… and then a breath, a child-like grace written in between a cacuminal sigh…how absurd the seamless struggle gliding weightless.. enough thoughts to fill a vaccuum of repeating multiplication signaling a cup running over onto a dry silent desert sweeping a new broom of delight.

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tangled up in blue

read write poem: napowrimo, day 14; michelle’s poefusion: no 30, pick a favorite poem and make a new poem by adding lines of your own between each pair of original lines–i picked gregory orr, entitled “love poem;” photo: bob dylan, photobucket


a black biplane crashes through the window
massive magnificent a white horse galloping fast
of the luncheonette. the pilot climbs down,
veranda intrusion metal clanging knight
removing his leather hood.
gallently dismounts he bows in noble manner
he hands me my grandmother’s jade ring
humming musical notes twirl round his metal helmet
no, it is two robin’s eggs and
bob dylan in dark glasses a hundred years ago
a telephone number: yours.
twangs a familar sonnet remembering our forgotten.

Napowrimo, Poefusion, ReadWritePoem


michelle’s poefusion: no 27, write about a noise-or a silence-that won’t go away. excerpted from the pocket muse by monica wood; read write poem, day 9, napowrimo no 9: paradise; …a bit of tongue and cheek….; photo: john carleton, flickr


if you attend intently
eyes gazing
brain occupied
you may observe
the earth breathing

the spirit roving
over dry waters
creating a world
supporting our feet

look upward
and kiss the
blue beautiful sky
not my
brother’s monkey

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Michelle’s Poefusion Friday Five: freckle, evade, peck, scoot, dash
ReadWritePoem: ReadWriteImage No 11
photo: Strange Fruit Helsinki, Lucasrocha, flickr


the diverse collection of
my ruffled significant substance
evades the enigma
of where i have roamed

honor and trust
the color of freckled turquoise
transform in string and bead
rattle the observant

persuasive pebbles mingle
with singing cowrie shells
disturbing the depths
peck at the performance

subdued by solid gravity
layers of time and rock
resolve recollections
once imagined in transit

cleave a dash of daydreamer
with ruinous ropes of risk
parade the progression of paradise
breathe the fluid free

rushing towards the rigid rim
whimpering whispers
scamper and scoot
reveal my pink purpose
perched upon
a swaying stick