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bellowing brook

one single impression: river and sunday scribbling: the call
photo: jg in sf, flickr

Gorilla gorilla #4

gorilla gotcha, he comes and goes
splashing water everywhere
hairy highlights big tufts of wild
the air too full to breathe

carving a canyon course
simple stream sublime
beating arms out stretched
he hollers and roars

where does the witness go
further downstream dip
scratching tales on sandy banks
a racket of recorded reasoning

Haiku, OneSingleImpression

OSI. amaranthine

one single impression: dreams
photo: davidphoto23, flickr

River Front Fog

altered abstraction
smallest scent of intimate
you sat next to me

unwrinkled willing
softest mist of memory
i sat next to you

gathering flutter
the clutter of your being
naturally normal

undisguised conscience
opening closed eyes aware
closer we held tight

still sounds of not yet
visiting hours over
eternity etched

Haiku, OneSingleImpression, Poetry

recuerda mi corazon. fixed float

one single impression: need
rebecca’s friday recuerda mi corazon [haiku my heart]
photo: tomhensr, flickr

Reflective Water Patterns -- Middle Cove -- Essex CT.

engaging empty
quiet conversion still soak
reflective waters

…there is nothing like the movement of water to set my soul on fire… makes everything right as if out of sync without the knowing….  the familiar scent of a salty sea… the roar of a raging river, or the trickle of summer’s season… splash…