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tame 2day
shiny and soft
starting still
morning chime caress
the warm sun sings

5 o’clock shadow
lame and loaded
day ending dynamite
sunsetting pearl

tethered to a testimonial
erotic simmering pocket rocks
the smoke gets in my eyes
contact collide

wrap around my heart
loose change jingle
a new found fortune
11 days and counting

Sunday Whirl Wordle 498
2021 April PAD Challenge prime number poem
MMLM Sunday Writing Prompt, Freedom

napowrimo 2011, short story, we write poems

we write poems. firemaker

we write poems: making fire
photo: sherwood411, flickr
day 6, napowrimo 2011

Fire Sticks

night comes and we sleep knowing the sun will return. before long there is a first call commotion. a band of birds on a branch twittering. connected comes the changing of lights. the darkness disappears and just as swiftly appears the soft sincerity of a rising sun. emerging we celebrate the arrival of light that dismisses the cool air and the delicate nourishing dew brushing against our cold bare feet.

in the very first hours of morning we step right into the warm shining day towards the circle where everything began. there in the middle a few thread bare sticks and the ancient fire maker. he simply sat silent whispering little lightning bolts towards the sticks. prancing as alerted fireflies they alight upon the sticks disappear and before a time fire appears in the rising smoke and crackle. he is our fire maker and we bow in reverence. as a people our fire maker gives our village much.

6S, napowrimo 2011, one word

one word.strength

one word 60 seconds write. today’s word: strength
six sentences ; day 5, napowrimo 2011


i use to think strength was everything, to hold on until you can’t hold on no more. now i know differently. it ain’t so bad to let go. that’s a different kind of strength. an unseen strength that’s more than myself. oozing out and overflowing like a strange brew of magic.

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paradise pink

the sky is busy and gray cruising clouds bursting
my everyday life  journal day 7, page 7
day 4, napowrimo 2011
photo: smigg44_uk, flickr

Pink Flower - Macro

sweet scent carnation
sprouting sensuous pink life
dreamy dirty delight
raking away last year’s leaves
nestled in comfort crocus

my mom use to plant pink carnation like weeds they grew. stick them in the ground and they would multiply and flower with a heavenly faint scent. i was hooked. here in the inland northwest, it is dianthus.

and yes, thank you for asking i did get my hands dirty this weekend. it was wonderful. didn’t bother with the gloves. my hands literally frozen but could not help myself. the cold in the air and in the soil. so rich and hearty as if awakening from the long winter. under the leaves found primroses blooming. planted those a few years back. and the yellow crocus are majestic. they don’t multiply as quickly as the lavendars and just yesterday found a star shaped lavendar crocus.

simply amazing the two days i had in the flower garden before the colder than cold wind blew in from the north. and now the flowers bloom has gone inward as if they’ve fallen back asleep. i love having a flower garden, i hear the birds, the wind in the towering evergreens swaying in song and the crackling old leaves skipping down the road letting the wind carry them onward.

this is the year i am starting a recyle bin of all my plant stuff. any feedback is appreciated as to your mad adventures in mulch bin….