nowhere does a
morning shine brighter

men sleeping soundly
aroused awakened
admire the beauty
of women

and with nerve
consider he satisfy
her first

cafe writing option 2, pick three of eight words; photo: harry met sally, morning after they slept together. .. not reading the directions, i thought we had to use all eight…

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Poefusion Friday 5 prompt: kiss, train, fence, vale, simper. another 6S attempt. and, March Project at Cafe Writing Option 1 Fiction: To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring.George Santayana. Write a flash-fic, scene, or short story about a happier state of mind.


Listening to the sound of the train traveling fast forward never stopped arousing the sense of freedom in her rambling simper heart. Resting impatiently she stared out the clear open window viewing the passage of seasons stirring within the fence of days known from sunrise to sunset. In-between those hours her companion would often turn from his engaging book and kiss her lips with a remote softness that left devoted desire unchecked. Smiling each time he would subtly assure her of their journey and the unfamiliar destination soon to come. Heading to a place she’d never known with a man she thought she knew sometimes made her want to turn another direction. Slowly the curtain of darkness disclosed the day’s end turning her thoughts back to the gentle movement of motion and remembering the vale of yesterday and how he spoke to her from there and the difference of him here now.

6S, CafeWriting

Launched Love


FebruaryProject at Cafe Writing Option 6 Fiction: Beginning of Love. As a movement forward in my endeavor to write my first story 6S is a another great site. Six sentences. Hopefully it will meet the criteria to post..update yeah, march 20th…first day of spring. Photo: sk8rshelie, photobucket

In silent declaration her heart opened wide as she accepted the proposal of his love. Impatient to inaugurate, they eagerly gathered their abstract lives into a joint account of allegiance. Shopping for sheets she felt his love surrounding her every breath and smiled secretly. He wondered how he would tell his possessive dear mother there was a new woman in his life and she would have to let him go. Previously untouched their love bloomed in a beautiful bouquet of flaming fire inextinguishable in its thirst. As night lighted the evening moon her love found the key to his weary heart and set him free as an eagle flutters skyward.




January Project at Cafe Writing Option Four: Poetry/Reflection
“In silence and movement you can show the reflection of people.”
— Marcel Marceau.
photo: GenealogyGirl, photobucket

preoccuppied in pensive pondering
attires one with remote reverie
guised as an illusion of intent

meditative musing mind
confirms the cloud of creativity
encircling one’s crown

reflective ruminations
alive with emissions
shimmering shafts of utterance
swaying to the sound of speculation

designs of understanding bloom
sagacious shrewd thoughts disclose
the blueprint transpires
emerging as inspiration
among the stars of light
shining back bright