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cafe writing.blustery day

peeling passed a particular purpose
apple chinese pear, mixture mazey melt
bowlful bounty crisp crunch connect

stirring still an open window whirl
cinnamon sugar and nutmeg
incognito the growling hunger ache

share a slice, let’s brew a bold black coffee
french vanilla ice cream, blend the
ice cold water with apple cider vinegar

independent over there, the
gathering fall wind hums and howls
closet composed counting the carnival cascade

rambling drifting downpour
last of this year’s leaves
considering the crust one must never touch

flaky fantastic a brush of milk and sugar
fireplace fierce, crackling cloud nine
where is my favorite pink roller pin

calmly cooking a bubbling breeze
sun shining terrific taste of marvelous
window watching surrender
you emerge wrapped in white clouds
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cafe writing: thursday threesome, blustery day
it’s great to have cafewriting back..!!!

Big Tent Poetry, CafeWriting, short story, the bistro

voodoo child

big tent poetry monday prompt this week offers a wordle of wonder
cafe writing – the bistro, do you believe in magic, option 2 poetry

hung around his neck  a tinkling sound of seashells and the roar of tsunami splashed wet at his feet. his cupped hands dripping with honey, the bees stayed too. come he motions, his words prancing in a chorus line of thundering hoofs, i’ll not wait forever. shoeless she wanders awake in a world of alice. his cheshire smile remains sincere while her thirst resurfaced in the ash pit of frozen fire longing for heat. who could tell the connection he held with gentleness as he roped her in.

listening to some great music, jimi hendrix always always brings it on….


enough of love

cafe writing  february project: love letters, option 1: can you picture that
photo: xaviarnau, stockphotos


hello my love
now you know
my darkest

pushing, pulling

we share a kiss
along the shores
of midnight

door ajar
the sound of
seas singing

cool wet sand
fluttering palm leaves

we’d never leave
nor count the stars

together now
with little time
we say few words

CafeWriting, Poetry

frugal fusion

cafe writing, january project fresh. option one: pick 3.
photo:  C.Mariani ( away ), flickr

stirring sustaining soup
recipe reality
harvest health
positive ingredients

highway humming
utensil utopia
sense the ambrosial aroma

hearty nurturing vegetables
seek the soothe of chickpeas
along with a flourish of fragrance

the discovery of synthesis
mingled in a blooming squash
touch of true tellurian spice

crowd not the taste
false facets of secret seeds
melancholy roots
culinary caution

come to the celestial table
set for six
comfort and wine
sublime spoonful experience



restless unable to sleep she strolls the vacant vigilant streets and avenues. engaging the solitary bench, distracted by the blaze of fearless stars, with a slip of the tongue she speaks out loud. a sudden rustling wind scatters the fall leaves dispersing the sound of winter’s arrival. knowing she could not speak the departed, helpless, she brought him back.

cafe writing option 5, fiction, adult conversation;
photo: empty, by 96dpi, flickr