there’s no such thing as beginning at the beginning- just when would that be, and who would tell the story? but some moments in a life suggest a kind of punctuation: quick-stop comma, full-stop period, or the in between caesuras of semi-colon and colon. rosalyn brown, half a heart

photo: Punctuation, The Green Album


7 thoughts on “About

  1. I like the non-linear nature of your blog, lots of ways to explore it, circling about. Your form echoes your content (“About”).

  2. You are getting my first ever WOW!!
    The simplicity and clarity of this is right up my street Ms Pie. I’m assuming I have landed on the right blog.
    I so hope it is not going to be overloaded with scripsts and things, as these days I have to cut out 50% of my visiting due to umpteen add-ons and fill-ins and hang-ons, or whatever :-), which my broadband refuses to download within the hour.
    Stay clean, and I’m your man, or woman rather.

  3. I think I’ve told you before, I love the white layout of your blog. And thank you for visiting mymsite on 01/14, 2011 for Haiku My Heart Friday. I have traveled to hot springs all over the country. You mention some in Montana and Idaho and tell me you’ve been to Truth or Consequences, NM a couple of times. I appreciate your comments and need to check about Idaho and Montana more thoroughly. I’ll be up that way this summer on an epic motorcycle trip through the Canadian Rockies. I’ll check my maps. Feel free to suggest such pl;aces, my e-mail is on my blogger profile. Thanks again.


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