dVerse, haiku my heart, Poetry, puente, tanka


before there was you
sitting alone appeared perfect
the space of quiet
awakened before daybreak
stranded my barren bed mourns

dawn beckoning blues

cuddled close to warmth
heart unwraps with each heartbeat
in sync with each breath
time ticking eternity
kindling kosmic fire

napowrimo 28. running late as that white rabbit.
dVerse Tuesday build a bridge puente form
haiku my heart friday

poet’s note: kinda running behind on this year’s participation… the experience of learning new poetry forms is always intriguing and this year was no disappointment…. and it has been just as much fun as previous years meeting new people and renewing acquaintances…. keep writing…


10 thoughts on “28.bridgework

  1. This is beautiful and poignant Ms. Pie and tugs at my heartstrings… thank you for building these bridges of beauty… and yes. The pink roses have filled my entire house with their divine scent. I am so happy to share them with you!

  2. Hi Ms. Pie–Poetry month is crazy!
    I like the contrast between being alone in the first stanza and the feeling of love in the second.
    The Mister Linky for my Poetics prompt is closed, as I suppose you discovered, but you can still put it in the Open Link Night Mister Linky if you want other dVerse people to read your poem.

  3. I had to translate some of the words (English is not my mother language) but once I fully read the poem, I find it wonderful! Enjoy your weekend dear one, hug from The Netherlands!

  4. i loved seeing your roses… when i sold my house i left behind an old rose bush that smelled divine, bloomed once a year and never had to treat it other than cut it back… seeing your photo reminded me the roses are blooming… thank you

  5. it’s like when you’re running with someone and before you know it you’re running at the same pace… can i compare running with love…

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