Poetry, sunday whirl, wordle


sunday whirl: wordle 227
photo: white owl, autobon society

with winter wings
naked clarity stalks

searing silent echoes
lurking anamnesis whistles

a red river flies
flowing fast and free

wary world floating
a want walks away

towards the open plains
inside the wind blows

small writings….. staring out an open winter window, an image stood clearly of one room full of adventure as if  taking a leisure stroll through one’s life in a snapshot.


7 thoughts on “serious.stroll

  1. I think anamnesis might help a therapist but not the patient. Some things are better forgotten, however I do like the accompanying images where the anxiety is set free in the process,

  2. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Walk it off, as they say; way to get right to the crux of the list, cascading bunches of them in each doublet; nice feel to the piece.

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