Poetry, sunday whirl, wordle



sunday whirl wordle no 219

i swear i know every single one
the familiar flush
the perfect press of weight
just enough to claim quietly

the list is long
written in lovely left lingo
only to share with you who know
know the nexus of never-Neverland

who comes to call and collect
that wilderness wind
who whinnies in whispers
tender time, no threats, breathless talk,


4 thoughts on “probably.so

  1. Sharing with one who knows is a wonderful Nexus..be it Neverland or Wonderland or home…it almost goes beyond words although it is so beautifully conveyed here…just so

  2. who whinnies in whispers
    tender time, no threats, breathless talk

    Yes, one need not waste time on empty talk. Just do it and they’ll all fall into place!


  3. I iove that ‘whispering wind.’ Soft and tender yet rest of nature obeys.
    Nice to see you’re still writing, Mrs. Pie.

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