3WW, Poetry, poets united.verse first


dancing during intermission
drenched in the open seas
sunny stars burning bright
the ground slips away

swimming sensation of swaying
rhythmic tides excursion
playful harmony adrift

never-ending waves metamorphosis
revising the buried beast within
why would one aspire to reach shore

mermaid moments take flight
finding a future of freedom
the slurp of sea water signifies separation

poets united – midweek motif: success
three word Wednesday: aspire, beast, slurp


8 thoughts on “untied.pu

  1. The dream of mermaid hood! Except I don’t know about being slurped into the sea. To me obtaining this freedom, this letting go, is almost too much. I remember reading “The Awakening” by Kate Chopin and thinking there too “What price freedom?” Regardless of your answer–this poem is beautiful, daring, actively separating. Bravo.

  2. why would one aspire to reach shore

    Given what we have at hand, it is imperative that one desires to achieve what one sees as bidding one’s attention. Truly said ms pie!


  3. After the run must come the lull..floating in the sea and magic..i loved your piece about the wolves also – works literally and as a metaphor..as i am sure is intended

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