Poetry, we write poems


i was told the sun was setting in the west…..

somewhere in the middle
between two signs
exists a moment
when my 1st breath was taken

i just signed away my privacy
to find who i am; afterwards,
she sez it will take up to 24 hours
to find the words to tell me who i really am

so now i guess and ponder
who it is i am. between a lion
and a lamb. leo and virgo.
fire and water. that sounds about right.

one way this way
yet another way that way
it’s hard to explain
in any sort of detail
that makes any sense


we write poems: No 196. what’s your sign?


5 thoughts on “sign_here.wwp196

  1. Love the pondering here. My reading of these signs always leaves me in an introspective state, asking questions, wondering. Seems like the ‘she’ that was asked might experience the same. Really like the line about your first breath and being caught between fire and water.


  2. Yes, I think most people are a hodge-podge of characteristics… and we change over time. I certainly am not that silly little teenager of years ago… love your introspective poem.

  3. I know several folks in that balance on the cusp.
    “They say that the Sun sign is only one small part of what may influence us in regards to astrology’ – so I wouldn’t worry too much.

    Thanks for your visit.

  4. You express the concept of the cusp between signs beautiful. To echo what Debi said above….we do change over time. These things are symbols that can perhaps guide us, but we can risk becoming too symbol-minded if we rely on them too heavily.


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