magpie tales


dog by scavengercat808

everyday he travels
linked to a world of welcome
wide and far he shifts then soars
just beyond his view
captured inbetween the two
he wanders without want
and now he sees another who
longs to take him farther

* * * * ** * * * * * * * * *
magpie tales 190

always amazed how a photo can capture one’s thoughts and heart… this one, it’s a keeper!!!


6 thoughts on “bitten.magpie

  1. OKAY–FOUND you. I was directed to another site, left comment there, but it looked neglected

    Yesss, your poem: The photo created your thoughts, just as mine and others. It is fun to read where others’ minds took them. Vry nice. Thanks.

  2. I agree about a scene, photo…taking our thoughts in different directions. loved the poem and the doggie in the photo. looks like a smart fella!

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