3WW, Poetry


hearing the clatter of colors falling
the rebel rainbow ran
there by the window refuge whispered
that gritty grief that so entangles

sneaking past sincerity
the jingle so jarring
wrapped in a recent revolution
whitewashed brown sorrow’s separation

saffron sandy itchy secret shift
manifest mourning marrow
virus vindicate viaticum
percolating pink flight flamingoes

bursting massive blushing blooms
charmed cast of characters crocus crowded
the scent of lavender lingers alight along the lane
skips and scatters surreptitiously

cloaked her hips entwined in sunshine
suggest something so simple and divine
one sting of a subtle smile submerged


three word wednesday: error, jingle, vindicate


6 thoughts on “3w_uz.captured

  1. Oh! This is excellent! Especially love “that gritty grief that so entangles,” but the alliteration and word bumps in here make my eyes and ears quite happy. Excellent work.

  2. what a jingle of sound and words..really clicked and clacked along..made me think of ‘macavity the mystery cat’..same rhythm i guess..jae

  3. So much weight in rigid words. Felt like teeth were grinding as I was scratching through.

    Thanks so much for visiting!

  4. “hearing the clatter of colors falling
    the rebel rainbow ran
    Love this opening line. I am picturing a running rainbow and its silly serious!

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