5 thoughts on “haikumyheart.lookup!

  1. Hello Ms Pie. I love this verse. It seems to me Promethean in scope. I love the thought of him measuring the distance between east and west by counting the stars. And yet, Christ is also seen as a Promethean figure and since you speak of being bound and chained and still believing, I am thinking that you may be alluding to him as well.
    Wonderful haiku.

    … amen, dear friend… thou in truth as a believer christ is sitting on the right hand of his father waiting for his perfect return… when we write don’t we think of all sorts of things…. start with one vision and end up with a thousand others…. what i saw was a man enslaved on a ship taken from his home chained and bound thou thru a small window he sees and believes… how many of us have felt lost and yet when we see the stars above we can hold onto that if nothing else… as always love your comments and insight noelle…

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