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bellowing brook

one single impression: river and sunday scribbling: the call
photo: jg in sf, flickr

Gorilla gorilla #4

gorilla gotcha, he comes and goes
splashing water everywhere
hairy highlights big tufts of wild
the air too full to breathe

carving a canyon course
simple stream sublime
beating arms out stretched
he hollers and roars

where does the witness go
further downstream dip
scratching tales on sandy banks
a racket of recorded reasoning


10 thoughts on “bellowing brook

  1. Hey Mrs. Pie ~~ I love your bear analogy! 🙂 His travels are neat, I suppose the sandy banks where he scratches his tail is the most graphic.

    I’m seeing rivers here, the Colorado first came to mind followed by the Mississippi, the Missouri, the Nile, the Jordan (ends completely due to irrigarion up stream), the Merrimack, the Brazos, and ending with our local San Jacinto River. These are the rivers I’ve lived close by and a few that I have visited.

  2. Maybe not to stay posted ~~ Towards the end did you intend to say
    dip scratching tales on sandy banks
    or did you intend to use the word tails?

    The former would work in a poem–I forgot the name for this–but
    anyway for now I am mostly thinking tails. Of course the river
    is more leisurely there and tales could be exchanged, etc, i.e.

  3. hi jim i love rivers too!!!! the mississippi is an awesome old river full of stories i am not so sure i would like to hear… the colorado absolutely… mighty is what comes to mind and the snake… traveling thru the northwest i did not know it ran thru three states [ i think ] and then there’s the margaret river in the southwest of australia…. now there’s a place with rivers…. and that’s what i was thinking of the most… with regards to the poem “…scratching tales..” i was thinking of writing a story on the sandy banks haven’t we all done that… in one way or another… leaving behind our thoughts and stories…. and ohhh btw loved yur comments!!!!

  4. Thank you, M.P. 🙂 I’m thinking you chuckled when you thought of my tail scratching bears or whatevers in the sand. I’m sorry, now it makes things complete. Thank you.

    Sitting on the sandy banks of the river could be even more inspirational than using a table at a balcony or patio under the trees. Me? I use the kitchen table with everything done via the lap top keyboard.

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