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sunday. plan b

sunday whirl and sunday scribbling no 286 plan b

sensing the jostle of dawn approach
it was time to erase yesterday and
awaken today’s light

strolling sleepy towards ten windows
carelessly pushing back the closed
lucid the look outside inviting and calm
motions of morning barely one could enhance

buoyant barefoot steps help to mark the way
beneath my feet a mild meeting of a road to come
tickling a thousand hairs of happiness somewhere
a clutch a caress a remembered sea forgotten

barely blinking i heard the whisper of a wander
shop talk to travel a challenge to chat of tomorrow
suddenly i’m sitting strong black espresso and burnt wheat toast

not hardly an accident passers-by we meet
mentioning the morning and how lovely life is
curious of his wanderings i peer closer
his shoes slightly sooty leaving footprints from fire and flames


7 thoughts on “sunday. plan b

  1. I do love “the jostle of dawn.” Exquisite phrasing. And then, the ending! An aura of mystery surrounds “him.” Great whirl… it makes me want to read it again.

  2. I loved – “a clutch a caress a remembered sea forgotten” this is a really intriguing piece, and a lovely use of the wordle words. I enjoyed reading. 🙂

  3. There’s a sense of the narrator almost sleepwalking through the early stanzas, moving as though in a dream, before the reality of strong coffee and burnt toast intrudes. And that mysterious final stanza does make us wonder who “he” is. Well wordled.

  4. The expresso and burnt wheat toast jolted the the poet narrator out of her reverie and I can relate to that as I am all groggy eyed till the sun shines overhead!! 🙂 and keep wondering what’s so good about the morning 🙂

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