osi. today’s obsession. bill

one single impression: obsession
photo: rocketrobbie, flickr


i was clearly unconscious
observation incoherent

feeling so fine just like today
yet he caught me comatose

end of summer blue skies
hot sun warmth and fire

coming too close he
started and stirred a spark

his hello handshake
stole my standing slumber

sleepy senses scream
so soft a rousing

now i want him
in the worse way

unwhole i am
unlike before

wondering why
and will we


11 thoughts on “osi. today’s obsession. bill

  1. Great! 🙂 Brings younger years’ memories, M. Pie. From the perpetrator’s side, not the innocent.
    I do think I’ve been there. That was back in my flower child years so the analogy here was more literal than one might think.
    BTW, my wedding ring has flowers all around it.

  2. The ring: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_aOZEGRAw2Q8/S3eM_zw1pXI/AAAAAAAAGx4/UXEnQt3kTa0/s800-h/DSC00335.JPG


    With This Ring

    I love you, he whispered softly.
    Oh you silly thing you, said she.

    Of course I do, I wear your ring
    and sing your song, a song of life.
    Of life and love, babies, children,
    my children you’re the mother of.

    Yes, I remember well that day,
    committing you my love to stay.
    My token, flowered band of gold.
    You gave me your all, heart and soul.

  3. manueland says:

    one single impression, can change our whole perception of life…
    good thing: they change, sometimes, evolve!!!.

    wonderful, ms pie!

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