monday poetry train, Poetry

monday poetry train revisited. cookin’

gautami’s monday poetry train revisited makes a monday whole

bookmark baking
set at 350 degrees
apple pie crust
a brush, sugar and milk

peeling back the skin
raw to the touch
he simply said hello and
wiped the slant clean

a touch of lemon
sour sweet surprise
his kiss is kismet
who would mind a hero

the stars create
a thousand wishes wise
warm pie with ice cream
one world right and round


5 thoughts on “monday poetry train revisited. cookin’

  1. Noelle Clearwater says:

    Well this is simply, delicious, warm, bubbly and well served. I love “peeling back the skin, raw to the touch” and “a touch of lemon, sour sweet surprise”. I know I should love the nicer sweeter parts, but I like these because they add so much interest. It is like my nephew used to say when he was four and we watched 101 dalmatians, “I like Cruella deville. She’s mean and nasty, everybody knows it, but I like her!” I like your warm pie with ice cream and the world right and round as well too dear.

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