Haiku, OneSingleImpression

OSI. amaranthine

one single impression: dreams
photo: davidphoto23, flickr

River Front Fog

altered abstraction
smallest scent of intimate
you sat next to me

unwrinkled willing
softest mist of memory
i sat next to you

gathering flutter
the clutter of your being
naturally normal

undisguised conscience
opening closed eyes aware
closer we held tight

still sounds of not yet
visiting hours over
eternity etched


8 thoughts on “OSI. amaranthine

  1. I enjoyed this very much! The format was interesting, is this any particular style of poem or just your writing style? I liked it a lot. The way you pair up words is great, I especially liked “gathering flutter
    the clutter of your being
    naturally normal”

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I agree with Patti. You’ve said so much more than just your words.

    PS: Have you sent your address re: prize? I wasn’t sure what your first name was, visit a lot of blogs. Please let me know.

  3. Your progression along the verses went slowly. I wondered if at most any time there would be an ‘escape’ or diversion. 🙂

    The last line settled that, they were caught in the web of conformity:
    still sounds of not yet — more to come, when?
    visiting hours over — the ‘system’ rules say …
    eternity etched — “behave and follow the rules”

    I was living your lines and hoping a relationship would eventually be built here.

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