cleave, Haiku, haiku my heart

recuerda mi corazon.burning blaze

rebecca’s delightful friday recuerda mi corazon [haiku my heart]
photo: ccdelco, flickr


bold potent belief rescue wonderful
heated ribbons staccato tender touch totality
overtaken heart wall to wall engage

bold potent belief
heated ribbons staccato
overtaken heart

rescued wonderful
tender touch totality
wall to wall engage

it is a wonderful blessing to have a faith…. when i first heard the phrase “.. my dear, he’s no longer on the cross..” it was a very powerful statement that awakened a silent sleep within… forever rescued

cleave poetry is a form i return to again and again. there is so much room to dance and write! [simply it is two separate poems and yet put together make wonderful music….]


5 thoughts on “recuerda mi corazon.burning blaze

  1. i am transported by acts of faith. i am silenced and profoundly opened when i witness devotion in our shared world. everywhere….when we pause to seek light, when we choose to walk in peace, when we recognize holy in the eyes of everyone…..we touch totality.

    beautiful writing …

  2. I went to your link about cleave poetry but I would have to really concentrate to understand the form. All I know is that I love your words, the order they are in, the power that they have, and I see rescue, or teaching, I guess, with your photo.

  3. awakened a silent sleep forever… what a profound sentence with such meaning imbued… and your cleave poetry and haiku… faith in each word uttered and between the lines…

  4. I find this complex yet simple whilst bewilderingly beautiful, I’m feeling the vibes coming through conveying much, absorbing the flow, like you said about the ‘wizard of oz’ ‘oh yeah’.

    Sue x

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