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recuerda mi corazon. fixed float

one single impression: need
rebecca’s friday recuerda mi corazon [haiku my heart]
photo: tomhensr, flickr

Reflective Water Patterns -- Middle Cove -- Essex CT.

engaging empty
quiet conversion still soak
reflective waters

…there is nothing like the movement of water to set my soul on fire… makes everything right as if out of sync without the knowing….  the familiar scent of a salty sea… the roar of a raging river, or the trickle of summer’s season… splash…


10 thoughts on “recuerda mi corazon. fixed float

  1. thank you for taking me to one of my most beloved destinations…the sea.
    i needed this soul dunking. this baptism of beauty. this salty kiss.

  2. I love your use of consonant sounds that are so similar (consonance) in this haiku, engaging empty, quiet conversion (c sounds) still soak, giving it a wonderful movement and quality like water. Even your description is full of consonance, the roar of a raging river. Very nice!

  3. Love the haiku and photo! You are so obviously at one with the reflected-light pattern of the waves: engaged, still, soaking… The language is exquisite, perfect imagery for this tone.

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