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recuerda mi corazon. suggestion sauce

rebecca’s friday recuerda mi corazon [haiku my heart]
photo: LIP_Photography (Karen Ackles), flickr

The Wright Brother's Muse

blazing behavior
sweeping strong wings crowded with wind
pierce the parapet
bells and whistles blowing by
intangible tracing touch

…there is a butterfly who often visits my flower garden… i pray the cats don’t get…. one at a time, never two, i wonder is it the same one as yesterday or from an earlier visit…. even though there is a distance it is as if we’ve met and met often…


5 thoughts on “recuerda mi corazon. suggestion sauce

  1. So Very Good to see You Again Ms. Pie. Gracing us with the wings of transformation and that tender dialogue between Self and Soul. Beautiful.
    In the Great Light,

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