leaves of the poet tree, Poetry

just because

leaves of the poet tree. today’s prompt: closed
photo: yellow hibiscus, ozone9999,duke and sarge, flickr

Yellow Hibiscus

here now, resolutely resting
i see something swaying, like
a million long tender threads shimmering

and every sweet sincere sound ever heard
softly beating, an audible flutter
suggesting one tidy admission

telling tonic of time. already been,
then when there was obscurity
the door decidedly had disappeared


5 thoughts on “just because

  1. You know, you really write beautifully. I am enchanted by the combination of words you use, the picture you paint with them, and the emotion evoked. And, you prompt me to think, it is as if there are layers to what you write and up to me how deeply I want to think it.

    Honestly, thank you.

  2. I like the idea of sounds beating! Intriguing ideas in here. Not sure i understand all of it but the ending is kind of haunting with the door disappearing.

    Thanks for checking out the site! I have to admit that I preposted the prompts and when i checked it this morning and saw “closed,” I, too, took it literally for a minute!

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