3WW, Poetry


thom g’s 3ww. this week’s offer:  adamant, fabricate, peculiar
day 7, napowrimo 2011

not very good at eye contact
he kept his head low
hiding a series of grunts
gruel for expression

most thought him peculiar
bantering fodder to innocent observers
adamant opus opine opinion
detained by sightless eyes enunciate

a vet who wanders still and quiet
leftover parts his fabricated heart
torn by turmoil life and death
his wife a burning flame

candle light constant
by window’s sight
her hope to follow
come home soon


6 thoughts on “3ww.unheard

  1. ‘adamant opus opine opinion’ – powerful line…wonderful use of language..like we’re seeing his mind working underneath those down-turned eyes..most of all I am left with a sense of this lost man, waiting and waiting..Jae

  2. Excellent writing, such a rush of feelings tumbling about while reading this one. “candle light constant / by window’s sight” is a great thought. Deserves an intent rereading.

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