12 thoughts on “haiku my heart.12

  1. Hi Ms. Pie~ I enlarged the photo and saw it was a spiderweb with raindrops! That is so incredible! And your haiku evoked such a sense of regret in me. To be adorned in white pearls someday, to wear the scent of an exquisite perfume, to wear luxurious French undergarments… Brava, Ms. Pie, beautiful job!

  2. Ms. Pie,
    I find your haiku lovely and mysterious. I think that it describes a spider’s web very well because the web is so tenuous, so vulnerable, and yet once created seems almost an indestructible thing, a work of art.
    To be adorned in white pearls is the ultimate beauty is it not and raindrops are the greatest riches nature offers us. It is a perfect haiku and tender too.

  3. magicalmysticalteacher says:


    A word seldom encountered…and much appreciated.

    I shall be savoring it–“adorned”–along with the delectable photo.

  4. I hear the yearning, but I also feel the satire of it all…what one yearns might just be an illusion…like the image of pearls which are in reality just dew drops that dissipate in the heat of the sun.
    See how your haiku has me so drawn into it? Great job!!!

  5. oh sweet melancholy…
    placing finally the fine white pearls on the neck of longing,
    just please say..no regrets.

    love the awakening you forever place in my heart of hearts.

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