12 thoughts on “haiku my heart.chatterwind

  1. Peaceful, quiet, still–
    Feeling the sun, seeing the
    Bird; happy to be.
    Oh, Ms. Pie, Your haiku is the real thing! Spare, only about nature but speaks volumes. You could write a short story from this. Great photo with the most exotic colors: the bird is peacock teal? Love this post!

  2. your haiku is the music of

    perfect stopping of time to revel in the art of seeing.
    thank you for your beauty.

  3. Ms Pie,
    I am reminded of one of Emily Dickinson’s poems “A Bird Came Down the Walk” upon reading your lovely haiku. Your image is brilliant and vivid and your haiku details a sacred moment when time stops so that we might notice the extraordinary in the actions of the smallest creatures.

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