3WW, Poetry

bees buzzin

thomg’s three word wednesday: figure, juicy, stress
photo: ernst haeckel, hummingbirds, art forms of nature

Haeckel Trochilidae

pestering emptiness
follows me home
like a peter pan shadow
gold dust and all

5 juicy fruit wrappers
expose an obsession
gum chewing chokes the
stress-lined distractions

busy bothering beauty
no one would know
to figure the noise
a humming bird flies


17 thoughts on “bees buzzin

  1. Ms Pie,

    Why haven’t I seen your blog before? I’m still finding my way around 3WW. This is fine work–great meter. No pure rhymes, but the whole piece sings. Now I have another blog I have to keep track of!

  2. Wonderful opening line..you’ve captured that emptiness perfectly…the ‘juicy fruit’ chewing was a great image…as the others say beautiful words and picture..Jae

  3. You had me at the opening stanza. The feeling of loneliness really is pestering at times! Too bad there’s not a never never land for that….Or this there??

  4. “no one would know
    to figure the noise
    a humming bird flies”
    just wonderful.
    I love the words that you choose/the words that choose you.

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