visible the invisible

we write poems prompt no 42: safe place

barren beyond
this sea and shore
perceive a place where
peace always prevails

far far away
this mind knows not
its about a hundred million
miles north or so
one can hardly conceive

previously unknown
both eyes bare
unbeaten beautiful
a full breath budding

atop a tiny mountain top
perched upon perfection
beneath a big oak tree
tethered leaves aflutter

mindless magic music
mystical sheetless bed
so soft and so simple
my sleepy awakening
unveiled ancient acquaintance

first time found
wide world unfastened
rustic reborn religion
this where never is not

miles and miles away
battery bruised expired
sunlight separated cimmerian
the taste of quiet cradles

tactile comforting wind
cools the melting heat
heaven hugs the earthy heart
melting marvelous butter
imperceptible coat of casualty
is this the freedom prisoners speak about


7 thoughts on “visible the invisible

  1. “first time found
    wide world unfastened
    rustic reborn religion
    this where never is not”
    always that one stanza that wows me…
    wow, the possibilities of this poetic paragraph.

  2. Wonderful, how you found your response to this prompt. Almost mythical perhaps. Far, but not, only so far as a moment of thought, heart or understanding. Very serene movement for a question seemingly oft at noisy conflict. And the images, of course, beautiful. So here, how does “place” make some difference too? All good, and thanks!

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