Poetry, stumbling toward ecstasy

it’s not that simple

rebecca’s stumblin toward ecstasy
photo: red_04, Zita B, flickr


standing still suggests
his heart quakes a quiver
attempting to capture one
slippery scent of security

slightly retrospect
he turns and smiles
a warm touch remote
signals the lock of his heart

walking towards a
world a way
closer yet he comes
his soft blue shirt shimmers

just as before
not hardly a change
he now walks
soothingly slower

he bends his frame
encompasses my life
we start all over again


4 thoughts on “it’s not that simple

  1. you weave a picture story…yet the deeper threads seem ours to spin.
    i love your word crafting. it seems honed from a present and compassionate heart.

    your words always draw me in.

  2. That last line was just so right..like a deep breath and a sigh of redemption..your words and image fit like a dream..you really drew me in..lovely piece..Jae

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