letting go

a new prompt i found today rebecca’s stumbling toward ecstasy
and beverly’s pink saturday …been away far too long, feel the pink calling…;
photo: parasol, TheJane, flickr


hear the harmony
of happiness
so simple so sweet
a melodic measure
of hope ascending high

springing forth
pouring over
sprouting serenity
delicious day divine

allow me to turn upon
this day of disentangle
rising rich and mighty
conscious cognizant
wearing waterless wings

where my purple skirt
floats with ruffled
exposing a net
of pink perhaps and
yellow yearnings

stumbling silly
arrested with wanting
loaded with laughter
where what does
matter but now

propitious persnickety cupcakes
shining with sparkle
backed by vanilla icing
delivers by display
hold on!

came to discover another prompt of rebecca’s recuerda mi corazon today via magical mystery teacher poem from another prompt – one single impression – so…. totally influenced by their response i have responded…. this could have a thousand or so, possibly one meaning(s)… but of course i indulged in the prompt title… whole, feet first… thank you for such a spirited post the both of you…


8 thoughts on “letting go

  1. this is beauty
    in every way.
    lovely stumbling towards your ecstasy with words.
    your yellow yearnings…
    certainly you have sweetened my moment!

    i hope you will “stumble” again and again!

  2. this is somehow sexy. no clue if that was the intent and i hope it doesn’t rat me out.

    just great language and wordplay.

    honestly, i just thought…pretty girls and cupcakes? who could ask for more?

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